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Opentype Demos
  • SuperShow YouTube Feeds

    Demo of the SuperShow YouTube Widgets. Both channels and playlist can be used with various settings (film roll, subscribe button, columns, number of entries …). Keep in mind that the ordering comes from YouTube and can’t be changed. Channels are shown with the latest video first, playlists use the order of the playlist. 

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Content I don’t like to support

symbols.png I love seeing my Marketplace files make IPS communities more useful or engaging. However, there is also content I personally do not want to support. This includes of course all illegal or otherwise shady/immoral activities. On top of that, please don’t use my products if your site promotes conspiracy theories, guns and similar objects or ideologies causing harm to people, religion, so-called “alternative” medicine, extreme political views (from whichever political side). Thanks for understanding. 

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