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  1. This plugin adds two widgets to your website, which improve the core widgets “Who is online” and “Recently Browsing” through a new design. The members are not only shown with their username, but also with their avatar.
  2. Tags and IPS’ Similar Content widget are a powerful way to provide helpful additional content on a page and to increase the page view count, since there are always more related entries suggested. Unfortunately, the stock version of the Similar Content widget is rather dull. This plugin takes the Similar Content widget to a new level. It retrieves images from the entries (where available) and it also shows the entry’s container name so your users understand where they will be taken before clicking on the entry.
  3. This is a reply with an image. This is a reply with an image. This is a reply with an image. This is a reply with an image. This is a reply with an image. This is a reply with an image. This is a reply with an image.
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    SuperVote is a Pages listing template to add a thumbs-up/thumbs-down functionality to create engaging voting databases like ranker.com. While Pages databases already have a rating functionality, each record needs to be opened first and a rating value between 1 and 5 has to be chosen. With SuperVote, voting gets much easier and you will get a lot more votes.
  5. SuperTimeline is a carefully crafted listing template for Pages databases. As the name suggests, it allows you to show Pages records as a timeline. The template is fully responsive, supports left-to-right or right-to-left websites and comes with lots of options for granular control of what is shown in the listing template.
  6. Upgrading Pages templates was tricky until Invision Community 4.4. If a template set already existed, a new set was added in addition to the existing one. To avoid that, templates would have to be manually deleted before the upgrade and database templates had to be manually reassigned to the database after the installation of the new files. All of this changes with Invision community 4.5. Pages templates are now part of apps/plugins. There is no need anymore to install the templates separately. (In fact, it’s barely possible anymore since the 4.5 Marketplace only allows single file uploads). Linking the old products to the new ACP Marketplace After upgrading to 4.5, you have to link all your existing 3rd-party products to the new ACP Marketplace. This process is described here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/welcome/install-and-upgrade-r259/#note45 You can only proceed after that. Otherwise no update options for the existing products are provided. How to upgrade my Pages template sets ( like SuperGrid, SuperBlocks …) After you finished the 4.5 onboarding process, updates will be recommended to you after a while. All my Pages products will appear under Plugins. You can start an upgrade with a single click from the ACP. If there aren’t any customizations to the templates, the upgrade will be fully automatic and there is nothing you need to do. Both the plugin and the templates will be upgraded. Dealing with template changes or customizations If the templates appear to be customized, a new conflict dialog will appear as part of the plugin upgrade process. It will show you the old code (left) and the new code (right) next to each other and highlight the changes. In general, it is recommended to click the “Use this version” button on the right for each template to use the new code. Once you made a decision, the code block will collapse and you can proceed to look at the next template. If you made a decision for every template, it will look like this: You can now click Finish and Save. That’s it. Your plugin and all templates are up do date.
  7. Users can simply copy any song link from Apple Music and paste it in the editor. The plugin will turn the link into a native player. Album example: Song example:
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