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My Products and the removal of the IPS Marketplace

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As you might have heard, IPS is shutting down its Marketplace. What does that mean if you bought any of my products in the past?

Products for Invision Community 4.x

All my products for Invision Community 4.x are expected to remain functional throughout the entire 4.x life cycle. IPS will only release minor updates for 4.x from now on and I don’t think there will be any breaking changes that require updates for my products. For that reason, there is also no need to manually move over all purchases from the IPS Marketplace to this website. 

However, I strongly suggest that you make use of the Marketplace as long as it exists!

  • If any of my products are shown to have updates available, update them now before the Marketplace shuts down.
  • If you bought any of my products, but they are currently not installed, install them again so they remain accessible to you even after the Marketplace shutdown.

If you plan to stay on 4.x for a while, check out my new SuperBundle of all my 4.x products. 

Products for Invision Community 5.x

It’s impossible to say at this point what will happen with my products and Invision Community 5.x. I will first have to see and test the alpha versions of the product to know anything for certain. 

However, all of my products are plugins and many of them use theme template edits. As far as I understand it, both of these functionalities are going away with Invision Community 5. Therefore there is a good chance that those products will not be updated for Invision Community 5. 

I am most interested in bringing my “Pages database template” products over to Invision Community 5, but again, it’s impossible to say at this point if that is possible or needed anymore, as IPS has also announced overhauling Pages. I will update this topic as soon as I know more. 



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